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Lazying Around

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This woman inspires me. At 72 she is still looking after her body and health. She exercises daily and never quits. Other people her age are probably just sitting around watching TV all day or just lazing around. Even people half her age are too busy working to actually take the time to work out.

I had written down some lifestyle changes I wanted to make a while back and I am proud to announce that I am on my way towards a healthier lifestyle. My mother bought me a bicycle for my birthday and I have been riding it to and from work religiously. The ride itself is about 2 miles which takes me approximately 15-20 minutes. So each day I bike about 4 miles in 30-40 minutes. I really enjoy taking the extra time in the morning to breathe in the fresh air and realize how beautiful everything is in the morning. When we drive a car we tend to rush towards our next destination without looking at the scenery around us. When I ride my bike I start noticing the little things in life like breakfast being cooked down the street and kids being walked to the bus station by their parents. Its kind of nice noticing these things. Besides riding my bike I have continued to hike at least once a week.

These past few weeks have been filled with great times with fantastic friends. During this past weekend, one of my friends organized a beach cruise. There was about 7 cars in total and we all cruised down PCH. It was a bit tedious having to pull aside to wait cars stuck at the light but in the end we all made it to our destination. Half of the party stayed for the beach while the other half was just there for the cruise. We had a great day filled with laughs, smores, ghetto dogs and fighting for fire pits.



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My Birthday Weekend

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This past weekend was extremely fun. On Friday, a couple of my coworkers and I decided to hit up happy hour for my birthday. We decided to stop by Sharkezz in Hermosa Beach because they had a pretty decent happy hour. We partied there until 8 and started heading on to our next destination. PIZZA! There was this pizza spot right across the street from Sharkezz and it was delicious!!



This was the first time I actually went out with coworkers and it was pretty fun. My boyfriend goes out with his coworkers all the time and it makes me wonder why I haven’t made any friends at work. I think its because I don’t try hard enough and I’m just in a different office than everyone else so its hard to talk to them. But I’m glad I actually took the effort to go out and hang out with new people because Friday night was a success.

On Saturday, I headed back to my mom’s house because I had to meet up some friends in Pasadena for lunch. Before lunch, my mom and I went to the mall so I could get a new watch. I had been looking at watches all week and couldn’t decide if I wanted a gold or silver watch. I finally decided on a gold Michael Kors watch and I absolutely love it. I finished just in time for my lunch date with my friends.


The girls I was meeting up for lunch were my pledge sisters from my sorority, Krystle and Nicole. We haven’t really had the time to hang out with each other because we were all busy with other engagements. However, the main reason behind this get together was because Krystle got into grad school and was leaving for San Francisco on Tuesday. We had a great meal at Mi Piace and continued to shop around Pasadena. After getting some yogurt dessert we said our good-byes and I headed back to Torrance to get ready for my birthday party.


My boyfriend and I decided to have my party at his work in Santa Monica. I had invited some friends and my boyfriend covered the bottle service as well as the food. The night was amazing, thanks to my boyfriend. He took care of everything and made sure that everyone was having a great time. He even bought me an amazing cake! (I will upload pictures later). After a night of crazy drinking and dancing we headed home and pigged out on Del Taco.


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Quality Time With My Mother

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This past weekend I got to spend some quality time with my mother. She surprised me with a beautiful cake she had made for my birthday. She didn’t make the cake herself but she had someone design it for her and bake it. I was really touched that she had put so much effort into making my birthday special this year.


On Saturday, I started the day jogging with my dog, Snowflake. Snowflake is the most adorable puppy and she is just filled with energy. After my hike I dropped off my car at the tint shop so that they could tint my front two windows. My mom picked me up from the shop and we decided to head off to my birthday lunch. The restaurant we ate at was Cheesecake Factory, which is a tradition for my birthday lunches or dinners every year. Once we finished our meal we went shopping for my birthday outfit. Since my birthday is on August 8th my boyfriend decided to celebrate my birthday at his work, Wokcano Santa Monica, on August 11th. So I dragged my mom with me to find the perfect birthday outfit I would wear at the celebration. We spent nearly 3 hours trying to decide but I was finally able to find the perfect outfit.

We continued the day shopping for my future bicycle. The reason I wanted a bike was so that I could bike to work everyday instead of driving. This would save me money on gas as well as help me reach my goals for a healthier lifestyle. We found my beautiful bike at KMart after searching everywhere.

Saturday was such a tiring day and Sunday was no better. Sunday also started out with a jog/walk with my puppy Snowflake but this time my mom joined us. We jogged/walked about 2 miles and after returning my mom started getting ready for church. When she left for church I decided to get my nails done for my birthday so I headed off to Holly’s Nails. After finishing up at Holly’s Nails, I headed off to Torrance to meet up with my guh guh (that means older brother in Chinese) Kevin. Now Kevin (my guh guh not my boyfriend) is not my real brother but I see him as one. He told me he was taking me out for my birthday, which is really sweet of him. After trying to figure out where we would eat we decided to eat at my boyfriends work. Dinner was quite enjoyable and after another tiring day I decided to call it a night.

Today was my first day riding my new bike. I was a bit shaky at first but I finally got the hang of it. Lets see if I can continue this from now on! Yaaaay 🙂

The OC Fair, A Carnival for Adults

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On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the OC Fair with our friend Christine. The fair started July 13 and ends August 12th and is located in Costa Mesa, California. We would have gone sooner but we already had previous engagements. When we finally got to the fair grounds it was like we transformed into little kids. All of us were excited to get in and start playing all the games and pig out on all the fair food.

Once we entered we could smell the excitement as we wandered around. The first stop was of course the ticket counter to purchase our game tickets. My boyfriend purchased about 300 tickets for us to play with, which is equivalent to $150. The next stop was the pool table game. The game consisted of 4 billiard balls arranged in a diamond and one cue ball. To win the game, the player would have to break and make each billiard ball into the pocket with one shot. This game is a must for my boyfriend since he is a pool junkie and plays every year in a pool league. He must have tried this game 10+ times before he finally won two times in a row.

(The white and black tiger is the one he won from the pool game)

Our next stop was FOOD! The one thing I always get no matter what is corn. I know, I know. Why spend money on corn when you can just get it at a supermarket. I’ll tell you why. Because the corn at the fair is amazing. Simple as that. Another thing that is mouth-watering is fried oreos. The first time I tried fried oreos was at the fair last year and boy did it make an impression. 

After eating we decided to walk around and see which stuffed animals I liked best. I mean there’s no point in playing a game if you don’t like the prize. We played a lot of games as the night wore on and though we lost some we won others. Overall, I am extremely happy with all the prizes/stuffed animals my boyfriend won for me.

With about twenty tickets left we chose to squander it on the Ferris Wheel. The line was a bit long but after waiting about 15-20 minutes we finally got on our first and last carnival ride. It was a bit chilly but totally worth it. When we reached the top the sight was truly amazing. Thousands of light flickered across our vision and it was breathtaking. Being up so high makes you realize how small you truly are and gives you an insight on how it feels to be an ant. After all, we are but a small speck of dust on this Earth that we call home, yet we act as if the world revolves around us and its good to realize that once in a while.

Lifestyle Change

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Since tomorrow is the start of a new month I have decided to start pushing myself towards living healthier. During the past two years or so I have not really cared much about eating healthy or exercising. Therefore, I have made up my mind and hopefully I am able to stick to this new healthy lifestyle.

Here is a list of my goals and plans for a better lifestyle:

1. Running/Walking 2 miles at least 5-6 times a week

2. Go on a hike at least once a week

3. Do 1 Insanity workout a week

4. Eating more fruits and vegetables

5. Control my food intake (stop eating before I get full, even if the food is amazing!)

6. Take my time eating instead of stuffing my face like its the end of the world

7. Only eat Chipotle once a month – this one is going to be soooo hard.. i LOVE Chipotle =[

8. Snack on almonds & carrots instead of hot cheetos

9. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning

10. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

So those are my goals for the next couple of months. Hopefully I will be able to stick to it instead of giving up. As I progress I will be adding more to the list. Let’s get healthy people! 🙂

If you have any tips or stories you would like to share please feel free to leave a comment!


Psalm 91:11

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“For he shall give his angels charge over thee,

to keep thee in all thy ways.”

-Psalm 91:11

This bible verse was hand picked for me by a special group of people who attended my church. They presented this verse to me on my 16th birthday at a surprise party they had planned for me. This verse is very special to me because it was a verse that was picked just for me and also because it given to me during a time of turmoil and tribulation.

When I first entered high school, I constantly wondered how my older friends had changed so much in the year it took me to graduate Jr. High School. What I never expected was to change just as much as they did. By my second year in High School, I had made friends who were two grades older than me and were the ones who eventually introduced me to smoking, alcohol and drugs.

The year after my 16th birthday, was spent trying new things and going out with new friends I had met online or at raves. Though I knew this was dangerous it did not stop me from going out. I can honestly say that my junior year in high school was one of the worst and best years of my life.

Shortly after my crazy, drug-filled year, my mother along with my church decided to send me to boarding school to keep me out of trouble. During that year, which was also my senior year, I had no contact with the outside world or with any of my friends. I was completely secluded and trapped in boarding school hell. It was there I realized how crazy I had been acting and thanked God that he had watched over me during those years.

I came to realize that this verse was God’s promise to me that he would send his angels to watch over me. That even though I had decided to go down a road of drugs and alcohol, he would send angels to keep watch over me and to make sure I ended up on the right path. To me angels can be anyone. They can be your friends or your family members. They can even be a complete stranger that keeps you from making a stupid decision. Now that I look back on my teenage years, I can honestly say that even though I had fun I was living quite dangerously and needed a wake up call.